Weather Stations: A Buyer’s Review

Best Home Weather Stations: A Buyer’s Review

Weather is an important aspect of our everyday lives. Monitoring the weather is not just necessary for analysis, but also for your safety. Thus having your own personal home weather station is always a handy back-up and just as accurate if not more than your regular ​televised forecast!

You can't go wrong with a fully functional home weather station. They are used to collect data related to the environment using different types of sensors. Due to their increase in popularity, weather station usage is starting to become more widespread.

"Where can I find the best home weather station device?" is a question that first-time users usually ask. Fortunately, we've found five of the best personal weather station devices in the market. Our main objective is to review each of them to see which one best suits your needs.

By the end of the article, you'll have enough information to make a confidence buying decision. We'll even include consumer opinions to fill in the gaps that we might've forgotten. No matter which product you'll buy, you'll have an accurate and powerful weather station to be used at your disposal.

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What To Look For When Buying

First here is some advice about what you should look for when buying the best home weather station and personal indoor wireless weather devices.

Weather Update Speed

This is a major factor that most novice shoppers tend to overlook. You need a personal weather station that is fast and gives you updates within a respectable time frame. On average, you'll want your station to deliver results as quickly as .5 seconds to a minute. This ensures that your device will give your accurate updates in the fastest way possible.


Humidity is defined as the amount of water vapor that is found in the air. It's an important spec to remember because it helps you decide if it's going to rain or not. You'll want a weather station that measures the amount of humidity in Celsius or in Fahrenheit.

A high level of humidity makes the weather feel hotter than usual. On the other hand, low humidity areas often feel cooler than the actual temperature.

Weather station in the field

Home Weather stations should be able to report this information so that you can effectively plan your weekend trip or daily activities.


Temperature is defined as the amount of heat that's present in an object or substance. The higher the temperature, the hotter the environment. A good weather station reports the temperature by up to 0 – 120-degree Fahrenheit.

Also, your weather station should be able to find both the indoor and outdoor temperature. These units are easy to track and measure, and its data is used for a wide range of usages such as forecasting, gardening, and for advanced meteorological applications.

Understanding the temperature helps you make the most out of your data and utilize it to your advantage.

Precipitation/Rain Measurements

Calculating the amount of rain is useful when going out on camping trips or when dealing with harsh weather. The best weather stations can quickly measure how much precipitation is by at least 10 percent. Get a weather station if you need to accurately the amount of rain that’s going to be in your location.

Wind Direction

Knowing the wind direction is important from professional golfers to the average person. The wind direction is usually reported from the area where it had originated.

Find a weather station that gives the wind direction in at least ± 1º units to get the best results.

Quality And Number Of Sensors

A good weather station has sensors that are strong enough to measure your data. Usually, the more sensors you have denotes how much weather components the station can track.

When it comes to quality, your weather station should be able to give you a reading on these sensors in less than a minute.

Automatic Vs. Traditional Weather Station

Weather station on the fence

Traditional Weather stations allow the user to have the most control. It comes with easier settings and lets you manually tailor the station to pick up readings in regards to your location.

Automatic or Atomic weather stations give your weather updates automatically.

This makes it easier for you to receive your information without much time and effort trying to configure the device. Get an atomic weather station if you travel a lot and need something to report your weather with the utmost precision.

It doesn't matter which one you buy, each of them offers benefits that will help you make the most out of your weather data.

Things To Watch Out For

There are a few things that you'll want to look out for when getting a weather station. While most of these scenarios rarely happen, its best to know what problems can arise out of these devices.

Defective Screens

Cheaper weather stations often come with this issue. Defective screens are bad because they are hard to see and usually don't share the weather information that you need. All of the weather stations on this list are made of the highest quality screen protective material to ensure that it works for a long time.

Faulty Batteries

When your weather station is unable to turn on, check to see if your batteries are the issue.

Some models come with faulty batteries that expire quickly, making it harder for you to fully operate the weather station.

Always get a replacement set of batteries to prevent this situation from occurring.

Weather station on farm

The Bottom Line

"What is the best home weather station to buy?" is a question that most novice shoppers tend to ask. You'll want to buy a weather station that's worth its money.

For instance, there are cheaper stations under $100 and a few that are $200 and up and they are good at reporting your desired weather data. The best home weather station to buy is one that fits in your price range and offers the most utility.

Best Weather Stations Over $100

In this section, you'll find mainly mid to high-grade weather stations. Each of them come with various features that go far beyond its initial price value. If you are an advanced weather aficionado, these products come with apps that will help improve your weather tracking experience.


The AcuRite Weather Environment System is a great station within this price range. It's a versatile weather station that allows the user to measure the rain, humidity, wind speed, temperature and wind direction. Priced at around $130, it's an inexpensive and useful tool for weather analysation.

Second, the Ambient Weather Remote Monitoring Weather Station is a one of a kind. It's a Wi-Fi powered station that sends and receives data through internet connectivity. You can receive this high-quality Wi-Fi weather station for only about $300.

Another good product is the Davis Instruments Wireless Weather Station. This product delivers fast weather updates every 2.5 seconds and its wireless transmission extends up to 1000 feet. For the price around $300, you'll receive a mobile weather station that can be used almost anywhere.

AcuRite Weather Environment System

Technical Specs

  • Easily Sharable Sensor Data
  • 5-in-1 Weather Monitoring Device
  • Weather Ticker
  • Usable App on Android and iPhone phones
  • Illuminated Color Display
AcuRite 01057RM Color Weather Station on white background

Our Rating


The AcuRite Weather Environment System is one of the most versatile weather station on the market. It has over five sensors which are used to measure and report the wind speed, temperature, humidity, rain, and wind direction.

The data is then represented on a chart, which you can share and send to your computer. AcuRite created this product to work for all purposes to help the user create precise and clear weather reports.

AcuRite's weather ticker is one of its primary features. The weather ticker streams and sends real life weather notifications through the user's phone. Using this weather station gives you a huge advantage by displaying relevant weather situations (rain, moon phrase, and indoor comfort conditions).

Also, the weather station can track windfall. View the current wind speed, and the average and peak speeds. You'll like this product because it gives you accurate descriptions of your windfall from speeds up to 99mph.

Data storage is a feature that users like the most about this weather station. Also, it comes with an app called My AcuRite which allows you to share your weather results to friends and online. The product keeps the data encrypted, making it safer and more reliable to use.

We suggest not using this weather indoors. Use it outside to improve its effectiveness and the precision of your weather readings.

Still, the AcuRite Weather Environment System is one of the best personal weather stations. It's versatile in the way it gives you your data and the way it allows you to report, share and utilize it. That's why you should get this product if you want something that can handle all your weather tracking and reporting needs.

Davis Instruments Wireless Weather Station

Technical Specs

  • Integrated Sensor Suite (ISS)
  • Updates every 2.5 seconds
  • Easy to read 3 x 4.375-inch LCD screen
  • Wireless Transmission up to 1,000 feet
  • Includes weather graphing, alarms, and sunset/sunrise times
Davis Instruments weather station on white background

Our Rating


Meet the Davis Instruments Wireless Weather Station. It's really fast because it gives out weather reports each 2.5 seconds. Get this product if you need a mobile weather station that delivers your fast weather results.

The moon phrase feature is a major component of this weather station. Users can view the eight different phrases from new to full. You'll like this device if you are interested in learning more about the lunar cycle of your current location.

The product has an Integrated Sensor Suite (ISS) that gives the user a reliable set of data. Also, the ISS can record these results from up to 25 hours back making it useful for long-term information storage. It's a durable and quality mobile weather sensor that gives a lot of quality for its price around $300.

Place this device outside so that it can read the barometric humidity, pressure, inside/outside temperature. This improves the effectiveness of the reads and makes it easier for the device to work for you. While it can work in interior areas, you'll gain more utility out of this weather station by keeping it outdoors.

Davis Instruments Wireless Weather Station is one of the best indoor outdoor weather stations. It gives you quick readings and has multiple features that give you the precise amount of weather data that you're looking for. Buy this product if you want a weather station that can work in all areas of your home in a high-quality manner.

Ambient Weather Remote Monitoring Weather Station

Technical Specs

  • Receives data via Wi-Fi connections
  • Shows graphs that gives (barometer, humidity, and temperature) trends.
  • Transmits 915mhz from the indoor sensor to the outdoor sensory array.
  • Displays rainfall rate and dew point
Ambient Weather WS-1001-WIFI OBSERVER on white background

Our Rating


Third on this group is the Ambient Weather Remote Monitoring Weather Station. This weather station comes fully developed for mobile and Wi-Fi usage. You should get this product if you are in need of a powerful Wi-Fi weather station that works for both online and offline purposes.

For instance, it has an easy to control interface that allows you to connect to its app called Wunderground. Wunderground sets it apart from other devices because it allows you to analyze, view, compare and share your data.

It's available on most Apple devices that are iOS 7 or above. Using the Wunderground app helps advanced weather fans get the most out of their data and weather reports.

Plus, the device comes with a fully functional and operational display console. The console shows features such as historical graphs, historical archive data, calibration, and high/low alarms. You'll like this online weather station if you need something that shows weather data in a simple, and understandable format.

One thing you'll want to remember is that this device is made for short term usage. Since it's a mobile device, check it once every three months to see if your weather station needs to be fixed.

The Ambient Weather Remote Monitoring Weather Station offers a lot for the price just under $300. It has one of the best home weather station wireless that's currently available. Buying this weather station gives you the advantage to see advanced weather data with only a working Wi-Fi connection.


We find the AcuRite Weather Environment System is the best weather station within this price range. It's a 5-in-1 weather monitoring device, which makes it easier to measure a wide range of weather specs such as temperature and rain fall.

Ultimately, it's a versatile and powerful weather station that's guaranteed to give you the accurate weather information that you need.

To proceed, you need to find the weather station that works the best for you. While price is not the main factor, it helps to know which weather stations you can get within your range. Make sure to get one that's in your budget and offers the features that you need to make to utilize your weather data to the fullest.

Best Weather Station Under $100

Look into some of the weather stations that are priced under $100. While they may seem inexpensive, they offer a lot of value and can be used inside your home. Each of these products are developed to give optimal results without breaking your budget.


Shoppers looking for a more economic weather station should consider the La Crosse Technology Wireless Atomic Digital Weather Station. The station comes in vibrant colors LCD screen that delivers accurate forecasting regarding your location. It's only around $40, which is a steal for the quality and utility that this product provides for weather forecasters.

The Oregon Scientific Advanced Weather Station is another valuable weather station you should look at. It's a simple, yet effective device that can monitor temperature from up to 3 different locations. Priced at just under $40, you'll have a powerful weather station that helps you monitor weather patterns with more efficiency.

La Crosse Technology Wireless Atomic Digital Weather Station

Technical Specs

  • EL Backlight and LCD for Night Viewing
  • Dimensions: 3.7 x 7.2 inches
  • Max/Min Temperature Memory
  • Displays forecasts with graphical icons & weather warning messages
  • Atomic Clock with 12/24 hr. setting
La Crosse Technology 308-1414B forecast station on white background

Our Rating


Starting off our list is the La Crosse Technology Wireless Atomic Digital Weather Station. It's designed to help you manage and monitor your environment. For instance, it gives the user accurate weather readings which help them plan their day effectively. Buy this product if you need a reliable and portable weather station.

When using the device, you'll first notice the forecast indicator icons. These icons give the user a clear indication of certain weather such as rain, snow, cloudy, and partly sunny. In addition, it has indicator icons to help monitor the temperature and humidity of your environment.

The forecast icons are easy to read and allows you to make good decisions based on the data received.

One thing consumers like is the accurate weather readings this device provides. On average, it takes at least 10 seconds for the weather station to make an update. The updates are relative towards your location and can report indoor and outdoor temperatures. Because of the quality of the weather readers, it's a powerful tool to have in your home.

However, the light is a little less durable than you'd expect. Get a replacement pair of lights if any problems start to arise.

We believe that the La Crosse Technology Wireless Atomic Digital Weather Station is the best wireless weather station. The product provides clear and fast weather reports that are easy to read. While it's inexpensive, it's value will leave you satisfied.

Oregon Scientific Advanced Weather Station

Technical Specs

  • Monitors Indoor & Outdoor Temperature
  • Dimensions: 3.7 x 7.2 x 2 inches
  • Min/Max Temperature Memory
  • Measures up to 3 remote locations
  • Sets Alarm clock in 12/24 hr. Format
Oregon Scientific BAR208HGA Advanced Weather Station on white background

Our Rating


Next up on our list is the Oregon Advanced Weather Station. The product sets itself apart from its competitors due to its lightweight design, multiple location readings, and its ability to determine the temperature in an accurate manner.

It's able to give weather predictions by 0.1 seconds. It's fast and allows the user to show reads from 3 locations which make the product more versatile. The readings are always correctly displayed, and it's a great choice for people who want a fast and efficient tool to help them predict future weather patterns.

There are many consumers who were pleased by the product's compact size. For example, it weighs 12.8 ounces and is no larger than a foot long. People who want a mobile and easy to use in-home weather station should purchase this product.

Atomic clock weather stations automatically update the time about the user's location. This device comes with an atomic clock feature and a manual time setting. Just turn on the weather station and allow it to take at least 12 hours for it to adjust to your region's time.

Make sure to keep the outdoor sensor away from any source of direct sunlight. Doing this ensures that you'll get the most out of the product while also extending its life span.

Overall, the product owns up to its company's reputation. Oregon Advanced Weather Station produces the most accurate results and readings to users and is small enough to be used anywhere. It's the best home weather station for the inexpensive price of just under $40. Buying this product gives you a powerful device that will last for a long period of time.


The Oregon Scientific Advanced Weather Station is the winner. You need a weather station that is fast and gives you accurate updates at a speed that's faster than competing devices.

This device does that by providing a quick operating system and real-time updates regarding your location. Conclusively, it's high-quality information, and data monitoring makes it the best product within its price category.

The state of the market for weather stations is constantly growing. Each year, we receive innovations and developments which help us plan and analyze weather faster and easier. Expect to see a growth in usage, product features and data sharing within the next few years.

Do you have a weather station at home that you use frequently?

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