Ambient WS-1001-Wifi Weather Station Review

Ambient WS-1001-Wifi Weather Station Review

You can forget about having to turn on the television to find temperature readings that don’t even pertain to your area. That would be a waste of time, and you’ll most likely end up wearing an outfit that doesn’t suit the outdoor climate conditions.

When meteorologists say there's a 30% chance of rain, you have to make the decision of whether or not you'll take an umbrella. What if I told you that there's a way to exactly know what the weather's going to be like, so you don't have to go through your day living in constant possibility.

With Ambient Weather WS-1001 Weather Station, you'll receive more accurate and consistent results about weather readings than you ever would listening to the weather channel.

Below is a detailed review of Ambient Weather WS-1001 Weather Station.

About The Product

For those who want a device that provides the most accurate and extensive weather readings out of all the weather stations should buy Ambient Weather WS-1001 Weather Station. In fact, this weather station is described as being a full-featured wireless weather station.


  • Indoor & Outdoor: Temperature, Humidity
  • Barometer
  • Solar Radiation Sensor
  • Wifi compatible
  • Measures: Wind Speed, Wind Direction
  • Indoor remote: Requires batteries
  • Outdoor sensor: comes with rechargeable batteries
  • Wunderground compatible
Ambient Weather WS-1001-WIFI OBSERVER on white background

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Who Is Ambient Weather?

Ambient Weather is a prominent online based manufacturer that has been around since 1998. The company started out making high-grade weather stations and environmental monitoring devices that were used by organizations, professionals, and households alike.

Compared to the prices of actual professional weather stations, Ambient Weather offers a low price for what is the standard in the weather industry. Other than making weather related instruments, the manufacturer also sells devices related to personal safety, home improvement, and media.

In 2008, Ambient Weather received the honor of being named one of America’s largest online retailers based on their yearly sales. Also, Inc. Magazine named Ambient Weather as being one of the quickest growing private companies for four years in a row.

You can trust Ambient Weather to manufacture one of the best weather stations on the weather instrument market.

Who Can Benefit?

If you want a simple weather station, Ambient Weather WS-1001 Weather Station isn't the instrument for you. The device comes packed with features that only someone who knows about atmospheric sciences will find a use for it.

People who rely heavily on knowing the weather need a device that accurately does so in a matter of seconds.

Ambient Weather WS-1001-WIFI OBSERVER set

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The margin of error can’t be large because for some people that difference can make a massive impact on their livelihood. Ambient Weather WS-1001 Weather Station has one of the lowest margins of error when it comes to reporting weather readings.

Farmers all testify that Ambient Weather WS-1001 Weather Station is the only weather station they adhere to. Some meteorologists also use this device because the results are consistent and precise. If meteorologists can trust Ambient Weather, so can you.

What’s The Technology Behind It?

Ambient Weather WS-1001 Weather Station comes with an observer and a full-color LCD console that work together to offer the weather readings you need.

This device can provide exact measurements of humidity, UV and solar radiation, wind speed, wind direction, and outdoor temperature from one single sensor. Ambient Weather WS-1001 Weather Station can do more than what's listed above, which is why it's the best professional grade weather station for personal use.

LCD Console

Most people have trouble reading the LCD console when an excess amount of light is shining onto the screen of competing for weather stations.

Ambient Weather WS-1001-WIFI OBSERVER on white background

This console's screen brightness automatically changes depending on the surrounding light so that you can read it at all times. Ambient Weather WS-1001 Weather Station isn't like the cheaply made like other competing weather stations, and it doesn't look cheap either.

Since the display is extremely thin, you can mount it on your wall for easy access. This gives your home a futuristic edge that’s unique to find.

It's important to make a note about what information the LCD console can provide. Ambient Weather WS-1001 Weather Station Console displays data, graphs, units of measurement, and alarms. This means the weather station keeps track of the surrounding environment's weather.

Indoor Sensor

Ambient Weather WS-1001 Weather Station made sure to include a wireless indoor sensor that provides basic atmospheric measurements.

Not all weather stations come with an extra sensor. In fact, competing manufacturers force you to buy individual parts separately, so you'll be getting a better deal buying Ambient Weather WS-1001 Weather Station.

This device can measure indoor humidity, temperature, and barometric pressure. You can place it anywhere around your home, but put it somewhere it'll be useful. Since the indoor sensor comes with a wall mounting bracket, it makes setting it up even easier.

The wireless range on the indoor sensor is 50-100 feet. The range varies because you have to take into account the surroundings in your home that could impede with the readings.

Insider Thoughts

Ambient Weather WS-1001 Weather Station combines modern technology with weather reading instruments to give you the ultimate weather station. Buyers rave about this device because it’s used by scientists and professionals alike.

Anyone doing research in the atmospheric sciences must have this device in their backyard. In fact, a majority of the buyers are researchers who wanted to work on a project at home.

What Do Others Say?

Most users loved the fact that Ambient Weather WS-1001 Weather Station is Wunderground compatible.

Wunderground is a tool that permits you to store, compare, analyze, and view data from your nearest weather station. It turns this information into customizable and beautiful charts and graphics.

Since Wunderground comes with Ambient Weather WS-1001 Weather Station, you automatically have access to the WunderStation app that's available in the Apple Store.

Using Ambient Weather WS-1001-WIFI OBSERVER

Buyers love the fact that they have accurate weather readings in the palm of their hands.

Buyer Advice

Based on positive customer reviews, Ambient Weather WS-1001 Weather Station has the closest design to a professional weather station because of its intricate inside parts. For those who prefer a professional quality device combined with modern technology, they will love Ambient Weather WS-1001 Weather Station.

Where Can I Buy?

Out of all the online retailers, Amazon is the place people go to. For under $300, you can have a weather station that scientists use for research in your backyard. Amazon also offers yearly protection plans in case the device breaks.

My Verdict

This is the ideal weather station for those looking for a high-grade weather reading device that incorporates modern technology into its design. I would highly recommend buying Ambient Weather WS-1001 Weather Station because the price tag is worth the results it provides.

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